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Article / 15 August 2022

Aflevering 8 | Lieke Wouters in gesprek met Piet Kroon

Young Talent Podcast | Lieke Wouters in gesprek met Piet Kroon

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Beluister wat Lieke Wouters, afgestudeerd aan de AKV St. Joost in Illustrated & Animated Storytelling, wilde weten van de vermaarde animator en regisseur Piet Kroon.


Toon Boom Harmony 21: The ingredients of animation

General / 15 August 2022

To encourage animators to try out new tools and techniques following the release of Harmony 21, Toon Boom Animation assembled a demo pack titled The Ingredients of Animation, which features work from six artists participating in our Ambassador Program. Each artist hired for the project contributed scenes, made using a variety of cutout and paperless techniques — and were inspired by recipes they have a personal connection to.

Among the featured artists is Lieke Wouters, a freelance illustrator and animator who is based in The Netherlands. She’s worked on a variety of projects, from TV series to animated shorts and YouTube series. Lieke says that regardless of the size of a project, she’ll always look for (and find!) the magic in it.

Press release: Find the ingredients for your next 2D animated production in Harmony 21

Blogpost: The Ingredients of Animation: Lieke Wouters  



Toon Boom Blog | What storyboard artists do, according to storyboard artists

General / 15 August 2022

Blogpost: What storyboard artists do, according to storyboard artists

The best way I can describe the role of a story artist is that you are the cameraman, the actors and the set designers all at the same time. Your job is to create a rough but clear path for the animators, background artists and other people on the production to use as a guide to create the final image. It’s important that, based on your storyboard, the director can envision what the final product will look like, and whether it aligns with what they had in mind. Making a storyboard is challenging, but it’s also like a big playground where nothing visually is quite set in stone yet so you have room to play around and experiment!”


Na de studie Illustrated & Animated Storytelling: Lieke vertelt over haar beroep en de studie

General / 15 August 2022

Lieke Wouters, oud-student Illustrated & Animated Storytelling bij AKV|St.Joost, werkt nu als feelance animator en storyboard artist bij een animatiestudio waar ze zich bezig houdt met oa storyboards maken, animeren, supervisie, stage begeleiden.